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Welcome to insakal services Pte Ltd

Insakal {Insakal services Pte Ltd} was founded in 2016 to provide cost-effective web-based solutions to SMEs & RHQs who were looking for non-proprietary IT solutions to compliment their existing IT infrastructure.

By pioneering in the adoption of Open-Source solutions & web-enabled technology, GSPL has been providing our clients with internet & intranet ready solutions without the need for additional software licensing costs and considerations from day one.

Strategic, departmental level, step-by-step adoption of non-proprietary IT infrastructure software into our clients existing enterprise structure is our other value-added service that has benefited our forward-looking clients.

We believe that good technology badly used, is a waste of human resource & so we strive to recognise the unique nature of our clients & find a best-fit for the solutions that we propose.

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